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1. Instant Reaction: Lebron James Is a Laker! (ft. @TheManuelBrown)

Instant Reaction: Lebron James Is a Laker! (ft. @TheManuelBrown)

Lebron James didn't take long to make his decision. Lebron has agreed to a 4 year, $154 million dollar deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. In this episode, we react to the breaking news with Manny of the Technical Foul Podcast.

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2. LaVar & LaMelo Ball Quit High School | Dead End Sports

LaVar & LaMelo Ball Quit High School | Dead End Sports

2:33 - NCAAF & NFL 20:51 - Protest quietly - After the uproar last week, the anthem protests seemed to have died down. From Fox announcing they will no longer show the National the owner of the Lions offering to “pay” the players not to take a knee...What are your thoughts? 35:12 - ICYMI 35:59 - MLB Playoff thoughts 39:27 - LaVar Ball pulling LaMelo Ball 57:38 - College Basketball scandal - Louisville has placed Rick Pitino on administrative leave and will eventually fire him. Allegedly, his program is involved with a scheme that paid a kid 100k to come to school. With the FBI involved and other schools & sneaker companies involved, how bad can this get for college hoops? 1:12:10 New NBA rules - Teams will now fine teams for resting players. Also, in 2019, they have a new rule that will prevent teams from tanking. Your thoughts? 1:19:15 NBA Draft Reform 1:27:35 - Wade & LeBron together again - How much can DWade help the Cavs? 1:38:58 - NBA All-Star Rule Changes 1:47:40 - Final thoughts

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3. Lebron Sucked (ft. @QGotNoRings) | Dead End Sports

Lebron Sucked (ft. @QGotNoRings) | Dead End Sports

On this week's podcast, Lebron James had a game he'll love to forget. Inexplicably, Lebron's poor game led to the Celtics stealing Game 3 in Cleveland. The Boston Celtics gritty effort and heart helped them avoid what many had already called a sweep. We dive into why we think Lebron only had 11 points on 4-13 shooting (1:04). We also talk about the Warriors sweep of the Spurs and whether or not Kawhi Leonard would've made a difference. Plus, during this segment, Ken calls out Popovich and says the Spurs will win the NBA Championship next year (12:11). We wrap up NBA talk with Q The Sixth Man as we discuss what Boston should do with the number 1 pick (22:24) and whether or not Lonzo Ball is a lock to become a Laker (29:58). Then we dive into any potential snubs from the All NBA Teams (44:25). We close out this weeks topics with a few thoughts on Seattle's comments regarding Kaepernick and whether or not he will get a phone call from the NFL (49:23). Finally, we leave you all with our closing thoughts (1:03:47): - Beezy: Andre Dirrell's Uncle's sucker punch after (1:03:52) - Q: Philly should pass on De'Aaron Fox (1:06:12) - Ken: Celtics series can help the Cavs in the Finals and why Joe Lacob needs to hush (1:09:32) - Kyle: Brady's concussions and Kendrick Lamar (1:10:50)

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4. Does Lebron James Have Anything Left to Prove?

Does Lebron James Have Anything Left to Prove?

On this week's podcast, the Dead End Sports crew do a quick recap of the latest headlines making the news. Ken gives LaVar Ball some advice (:51). Beezy talks about the issues behind Chavez, Jr.'s struggles (13:40), and Kyle gives his take on the Kentucky Derby (16:56) and the Sports Reporters final show (17:23). We do a quick recap of the second round of the NBA breaking weighing in the Eastern and Western Conference series between the Boston Celtics vs. Washington Wizards and the San Antonio Spurs vs. the Houston Rockets (21:08). Our main topic this week is about that man in Akron. Lebron recently stated that he has nothing left to prove (36:08). We give you our opinions on his statement. Ken also explains why and how Lebron James is running the NBA. Draymond Green keeps talking. On his Dray Day podcast, Draymond calls Kelly Olynck a dirty player after his hard foul on Kelly Oubre in Game 4 (:49:12). Kelly was ejected from the game. We talk about the NBA's current dirtiest player and try and find out who is the dirtiest player of all time in the NBA. In our final topic, we wrap up the show with the 2008 Boston Celtics team reunion sans Ray Allen (58:49). On Area 21, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, Glen "Big Baby" Davis, and Kendrick Perkins get together to reminisce over their NBA title. During the program, they explain why Ray Allen wasn't there and what he needs to do to get invited next time. Kyle has some pretty harsh words for the NBA veterans. As usual, we close out the show with our Final Thoughts (1:08:23). This week, LaVar Ball, Matt Harvey, and Kristap Porzingus all get it from the DES crew while Beezy wishes for NBA history in the series leading up to the NBA Finals. LAVAR BALL (0:51) ALVAREZ BEATS CHAVEZ, JR (13:40) KENTUCKY DERBY (16:56) SPORTS REPORTERS (17:23) SECOND ROUND RECAP (21:08) DOES LEBRON HAVE MORE TO PROVE? (36:08) DRAYMOND DISS OLYNCK (0:49:12) CELTICS DISS RAY ALLEN (0:58:49) FINAL THOUGHTS (1:08:23)

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5. LonzNO Ball

LonzNO Ball

We’re back after a two week absence and there is a lot to catch up on. We kick off this week recapping the week in sports which includes big upsets in College Football, Lonzo Ball and his brother, and Jerry Jones. We touch on the safety of Thursday Night Football and the complaints from players on the play on the field. We give our take on LiAngelo Ball’s situation and whether or not it’s too early to call Lonzo Ball a bust.  Phil Jackson or Greg Popovich — which one we got?  And finally we close out the show with 1GottaGo (@1gottago). TOPICS: WEEK IN SPORTS RECAP (3:32) KEN RECAPS SEEING LONZO BALL AT STAPLES (9:39)  JERRY JONES VS. THE NFL (23:30) THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL (33:19) LONZO BALL (48:36) PHIL JACKSON OR POPOVICH (1:09:15) 1GOTTAGO (1:27:08)

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6. The NBA Never Stops | Dead End Sports

The NBA Never Stops | Dead End Sports

In this episode, we catch up on the weeks news regarding Kawhi Leonard, Dwight Howard, and more. Timestamps: Kawhi Leonard (1:45) #KINGECONSPIRACYTHEORY 1: Paul George (16:08) Lauri Markkanen (17:51) #KINGECONSPIRACYTHEORY 2: Lebron James, Jr. (16:10) Dwight Howard (29:01) Jahlil Okafor (39:07) 3 Kawhi Trade Scenarios (46:30)

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7. Eli Manning Benched

Eli Manning Benched

What a week in sports its been. Eli Manning was benched for Geno Smith. Alabama lost. Lebron James was ejected for the first time in his career. Man. Here are the show topics for this week: 4:08 — What stood out to you this past week in NCAAF, NBA, and NFL? 18:50 — Tomlin Hate 27:54 — Rolled Tide: How likely is it that we may have a college football playoff without Alabama? 38:14 — Eli Manning to the bench: The Giants will bench Eli Manning this week against the Raiders. 48:00 — Isaiah Thomas or Kawhi Leonard — Which superstar’s return will make a bigger impact to their perspective teams? 58:11 — Moss or T.O. — Last week, the semifinalists were named for the induction to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Both Randy Moss (982 rec, 15,292 yds, 156 TDs) and Terrell Owens (1078 rec, 15,934 yds, 153 TDs) will likely be finalists this year. This will be the first time for Moss and the third time for Owens. If you could only vote for ONE of them…who would get your vote and why? 1:14:53 — 1 gotta go (from @1gottago on twitter)

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8. Lebron a Sixer??

Lebron a Sixer??

This week on Dead End Sports, Kinge, Feefo, and Beezy react to the NCAA FBI scandal that found Lebron James calling the NCAA corrupt, Jalen Rose saying players should boycott and more.  We comment on Za Za Pachulia’s dirty play, Anthony Davis’s big week, Lebron to Philly, and whether the Knicks should reup Kristaps Porzingus.  Barack Obama says the NBA should create a junior league (1:52) Za Za Pachulia’s dirty play (13:52) Anthony Davis’s MVP Week (29:36) Philly recruiting Lebron (37:56) Should the Knick’s extend Kristaps Porzingus (53:05) Cavs ban fan (1:00:00) Wizards rolling without John Wall (1:05:24) Dead End Spors is a Dead End Media Group production.

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9. Kyrie Irving Keeps Winning

Kyrie Irving Keeps Winning

Kyrie and the Celtics won’t stop winning but someone on the show isn’t impressed. Take a listen to find out who.  We also touch on the Great White Hope QB Awards article written by Chuck Modiano for the NY Daily News. We close out this weeks topics talking about LiAngelo Ball’s suspension and the LaVar Ball CNN Interview.  Show Outline: 4:05 — Recap 17:41 — Mediocre Black QB’s 39:58 — Kyrie and the Celtics 58:05 — LiAngelo Ball & LaVar’s Interview 1:15:15–1GottaGo 1:34:39 — Closing Thoughts

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10. Kyrie Irving Trade Reaction! (ft. Chris Platte)

Kyrie Irving Trade Reaction! (ft. Chris Platte)

That was unexpected. News broke today that Kyrie Irving, who’s wanted out of Cleveland, was traded to the Boston Celtics for Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic, and the Nets 2018 1st round pick. We react to the news on today’s show dissecting the winners and losers with special guest Chris Platte. Here’s today’s show outline: Kyrie Irving Trade (2:05) Mayweather/McGregor (40:42) NFL Protests (51:52) NFL Lockout (1:11:05) Magic Johnson Tampering (1:23:02) Closing Thoughts (1:34:01)

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11. I Promise

I Promise

After a month off, ya boys are back and we got a lot to catch up on. Timestamps: Lebron (5:00) Lebron carried the heat (12:53) Kinge thinks Lakers might be title contenders (23:45) Rockets arms race (33:36) Kawhi swapped for DeRozan (41:54) Sleeper NBA teams (49:18) Minnesotta Kevin Love (54:09) Melo (58:16) Magic's Plan (1:03:00) Kyrie a Knick (1:08:24) Tristan Thompson face smushes Draymond Green (1:12:50) I Promist (1:14:45) Urben Meyet (1:22:50) Boogie ring chasing (1:32:00)

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12. The Kobe Bryant Disrespect

The Kobe Bryant Disrespect

Show Notes: Villanova and Michigan Title Game Recap (2:11) One and None Impact (10:10) Donte DiVicenzo’s Tweets (17:27) Mamba Mentality (22:45) Canelo Alverez and Triple G Fight Canceled (28:55) Raptors/Rockets (34:11) Can the Sixers Beat the Cavs (43:45) Race for 8th (56:09) Is Kobe Bryant being disrespected? (1:06:05) Will Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder fight in 2018? (1:22:03) Tiger Wood’s Master’s chances (1:27:06) MLB Talk (1:31:28) Brandin Cooks Traded to Rams (1:38:04) Top NBA Rookies of 2018 (1:41:02)

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13. 2018 NBA DRAFT (ft. QGotNoRings) | Dead End Sports

2018 NBA DRAFT (ft. QGotNoRings) | Dead End Sports

Here is our coverage of the NBA Draft focusing on the lottery pick selections and who teams should pick. We also get into a few trade scenarios. NBA DRAFT LOTTERY PICKS (1:43) MICHAEL PORTER JR (1:08:54) DRAFT NIGHT TRADES (1:14:39)

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14. End of the Lebron James Era

End of the Lebron James Era

This week: Game 1's reaction (3:30) Kerr: NBA Tougher (27:00) Draymond wilding out (30:42) Kyrie Irving Salty? (37:10) NBA Draft Lottery (54:48) Cavs/Celtics Game 2 4th Quarter Reactions (1:08:11) Feefo/Ken Debate Lue (1:33:27) Michael Jordan petty (1:55:17)

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15. 2017 NBA Finals Preview | DES

2017 NBA Finals Preview | DES

The NBA Playoffs kickoff tomorrow! On this weeks podcast, we give you our NBA Finals winner and why. We also talk about the pressure on Lebron James and Kevin Durant that led to a big back and forth (1:27:21) about the different in the path chosen by the two. Before we get into the NBA, we hit other big storylines happening in the world of sports. We talk about Tiger Wood's DUI, Michael Vick wanting to retire as an Atlanta Falcon, and the Bryce Harper/Hunter Strickland brawl. Show notes: Tiger Woods (2:28) Michael Vick (22:32) Bryce Harper (35:34) Was the NBA Playoffs boring? (45:26) Who has more pressure: Kevin Durant or Lebron James? (1:13:42) Kevin Durant running from Lebron James to Golden State's waiting arms (1:27:21) NBA Finals Predictions (1:45:09) - Q (1:45:23) - Ken (1:47:42) - Beezy (1:50:45) - Kyle (1:53:27) Final Thoughts (1:57:11) - Q - Respekt Lebron James (1:57:18) - Beezy - PK Subban (2:00:51) - Ken - Sports media (2:02:32) - Kyle - Shaq vs. Barkley (2:05:12)

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16. Kyrie Tripping | Dead End Sports

Kyrie Tripping | Dead End Sports

Man what a week in sports. The Dallas Cowboys lost and Ken knows why. You gotta hear that one. Kevin Durant got burner twitter accounts. There was a blind judge in the boxing matchup between GGG and Canelo. And Kyrie Irving went to NBA People’s Court on First Take. Here’s a rundown of this week’s show.  2:47 — College/NFL recap 10:32 — NFL Ratings down? What now? 25:11 — Cowboys humiliated 38:33 — Kyrie Irving. You already know. 1:04:58 — KD burner twitter account 1:20:37 — Best Lakers duo 1:34:42 — GGG vs. Canelo recap 1:42:53 — Parting shots

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17. Lebron James Lost. Kevin Durant Won.

Lebron James Lost. Kevin Durant Won.

The NBA Finals are over and the NBA Season is now complete. On today’s show, we discuss the Warriors win and what moves the Cavs need to do to compete. We question whether the Warriors are the greatest team ever. How will this loss impact Lebron’s legacy? What are your thoughts on the finals? Show Topics: GSW Win and Cavs Failures (1:30) Who can stop the Warriors dynasty run? (29:33) Greatest team ever (38:01) LeBron losing to the Greatest team ever (45:48) Post retirement legacy (57:38) Who’s next / Raf’s next (1:11:43) OKC’s failures (1:20:25) Mythology of Jordan (1:27:26)

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18. Has Kevin Durant Underachieved?

Has Kevin Durant Underachieved?

The College Football Playoffs are set and we give you our thoughts on the committees final four picks. We hit the suspensions handed out by the NFL to Rob Gronkowski, Ju Ju Smith-Schuster, and George Iloka.  LaVar Ball is in the news again. This time, he pulled LiAngelo Ball out of UCLA. We react to the latest. Wrapping up the show, Ken questions whether or not Kevin Durant live up to his true potential by taking a cheat code to a title. We close the show with a listener question about sports media personalities. We rank the best and worst of the bunch. SHOW OUTLINE: (1:30) Week in sports recap (16:18) Did the committee get the college football playoffs right?  (29:40) LaVar Ball removes LiAngelo Ball from UCLA — right or wrong move? (1:04:53) Kevin Durant’s legacy — has he underachieved?  (1:23:45) Mailbag question — Where do we rank some of the best or worst sports personalities? (1:41:31) 1GottaGo (1:51:03) Final Thought

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19. Bracket Hell, Playoff Lebron, 20 Most Dominant Athletes

Bracket Hell, Playoff Lebron, 20 Most Dominant Athletes

Last week we previewed the NCAA Tournament and since that time, all hell broke loose. A #16 seed beat a #1 seed for the first time in tourney history, multiple top seeds crashed and burned, and there were plenty of game winners and double-digit comebacks. We kick off this week show with our key takeaways from last week March Madness (1:05). Afterward, we move on to the NBA touching on the Raptors and Rockets, Playoff Lebron, Carmelo Anthony’s legacy, and thoughts on ESPN’s 20 most dominant players article.  Show Outline: Tournament Takeaways (1:05) Favorites to win it all (16:34) Our brackets (19:46) UVA’s loss to UMBC (16:50) Most dominant college basketball team we’ve seen (24:32) Trae Young NBA ready? (33:47) Playoff Lebron (42:05) Kyrie’s knee (55:20) Time to trust the Rockets and Raptors (1:02:56) Carmelo Anthony’s legacy (1:21:48) 20 Most Dominant Athletes reaction (1:27:40)

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