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The Scorpion S Tail

Author : Zahid Hussain
language : en
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Release Date : 2010-11-16

Download The Scorpion S Tail written by Zahid Hussain and has been published by Simon and Schuster this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2010-11-16 with Political Science categories.

The war in Afghanistan has raged on longer than any war in U.S. history, and far from suppressing the insurgency being waged by radical Islamic militants, it has led to stronger alli­ances among al Qaeda, the Taliban, and a host of once-autonomous militant groups and has inspired a flood of new recruits. In addition to reclaiming control of substantial territory in Afghanistan, the militants have now taken the fight deep within Pakistan—threatening to totally destabilize that nuclear-armed state—and are launching attacks on the U.S. homeland. Why has the insurgency been so irrepressible? Is this a war that can be won? Can we expect a wave of attacks within the United States more sophisticated than the attempted bombing in Times Square? Nothing can be understood about the prospects for the war and the threat to the U.S. homeland without understanding how Pakistan has become the epicenter of the insurgency and why the rise of militant groups there has escalated out of control despite major offensives by the Pakistani military and an intensive secret U.S. Predator drone war against them. Based on extensive reporting inside Pakistan’s dangerous lawless regions and exclusive interviews with militant leaders as well as high-level military and intelligence sources, Zahid Hussain, one of the most respected reporters working out of Pakistan, chronicles how and why the Islamic extremist groups based in Pakistan’s remote tribal territories have greatly increased their power since the start of the war and unleashed a reign of terror on U.S. forces in Afghanistan and on both the military and civilian population within Pakistan. He is the first to reveal how a loose constellation of tribal groups has now come together to form a distinctive Pakistani Taliban, working closely with al Qaeda and the Afghani Taliban to launch increas­ingly sophisticated and deadly attacks on both sides of the Af-Pak border. He discloses how they draw support and a steady flood of recruits from deeply entrenched support networks in major Pakistani cities, and how they have recruited would-be U.S. attackers, including Faisal Shahzad and Adnan Shukrijumah, accused of plotting to bomb the New York City subway. He is also the first to chronicle in detail the still unacknowledged U.S. war carried out in Pakistan by remote Predator drones, and, reporting from the scenes of a number of drone missile strikes and interviewing a number of attempted suicide bombers, he reveals the shocking extent of anti-Americanism the strikes have stoked in Pakistan, across the range of the population, due to civilian deaths, driving a new breed of highly educated, professional, and middle-class Pakistanis into the militant groups. His gripping and revelatory account is an urgent wake-up call about the blowback effects of the U.S. war in Afghanistan and the drone campaign in Pakistan, about how volatile the situation in the Af-Pak region has become, and about the deeply troubling limitations of the current military strategy in ever gaining decisive ground against the insurgents.

Grand Canyon National Park Tail Of The Scorpion

Author : Mike Graf
language : en
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
Release Date : 2012-03-20

Download Grand Canyon National Park Tail Of The Scorpion written by Mike Graf and has been published by Rowman & Littlefield this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2012-03-20 with Juvenile Nonfiction categories.

Dear Diary, I’m in a very unusual place: the bottom of the Grand Canyon. But it feels like we are at the bottom of the world . . . The Parkers, an intrepid family of four, are back for another exciting adventure in Grand Canyon National Park: Tail of the Scorpion. Amid the magnificent beauty of the park, ten-year-old twins James and Morgan and their father brave a steep twenty-one-mile hike from rim to rim. As they face heatstroke, exhaustion, and even a run-in with scorpions, they wonder, “Can we make the grueling climb to the top?” Each book in the exciting Adventures with the Parkers series for kids 8–13 explores a popular national park and is packed with adventure as well as engaging and educational facts about nature, outdoor safety, and much more. Vacation has never been this fun! Books in the Adventures with the Parkers Series: Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks: Danger in the Narrows Glacier National Park: Going to the Sun Grand Canyon National Park: Tail of the Scorpion Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Ridge Runner Rescue Mount Rushmore, Badlands, Wind Cave: Going Underground Olympic National Park: Touch of the Tide Pool, Crack of the Glacier Rocky Mountain National Park: Peril on Longs Peak Yellowstone National Park: Eye of the Grizzly Yosemite National Park: Harrowing Ascent of Half Dome


Author : Jerry G. Walls
language : en
Publisher: i5 Publishing
Release Date : 2012-09-04

Download Scorpions written by Jerry G. Walls and has been published by i5 Publishing this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2012-09-04 with Pets categories.

Scorpions is one reptile care book from the highly acclaimed Advanced Vivarium Systems series. The AVS series, founded and guided by herpetocultural pioneer Philippe de Vosjoli, is the #1 series on reptile care. From choosing a pet to selecting a veterinarian to feeding, housing, breeding, and more, these books deliver the most helpful and up-to-date information available on popular reptiles and amphibians kept as pets.

Twin Scorpions

Author : Paul Winter
language : en
Publisher: iUniverse
Release Date : 2005-05

Download Twin Scorpions written by Paul Winter and has been published by iUniverse this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2005-05 with Fiction categories.

The story takes place in South Africa and India. In South Africa, the narrator, Paul, drifts between an ideal world, where he is happily married to his partner Nirraz, and a dark and horrible nightmare where an unidentified madman is torturing him in the gay couple's own wine cellar. Nirraz is a sociologist and his lover Paul teaches biology at the local school. The couple have the special ability to experience the same grotesque dreams-they recite their ten dreams to a psychologist. The couple is friends with their neighbour Sheila, a divorcée, her boyfriend Peter and her son Liam, who gets close to the gay couple. There is lots of goings on in the Jacuzzi of the gay couple's home and an atmosphere of sexual jealously arises. The madman's life and the ten dreams are connected to a remote village in India where an eighty-year-old hermaphrodite virgin, Shamele, is responsible for creating dream pills. The pills allow one to dream of one's death and one's reincarnation. A yellow butterfly carved out of a stone taken from the mountain near the village is believed to be cursed and was sold to a South African tourist-the yellow butterfly became an integral part of the madman's childhood. Paul's happy world starts crumbling as terrible events take place in his hometown. His ideal world merges with his nightmare in the cellar and a macabre twist at the end plunges him into a dark world where the fates of the torturer and his helpless victim are finally decided. This book is not for the feint hearted.

Continuum Encyclopedia Of Animal Symbolism In World Art

Author : Hope B. Werness
language : en
Publisher: A&C Black
Release Date : 2006

Download Continuum Encyclopedia Of Animal Symbolism In World Art written by Hope B. Werness and has been published by A&C Black this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2006 with Art categories.

Animals and their symbolism in diverse world cultures and different eras of human history are chronicled in this lovely volume.

Backcountry Adventures Arizona

Author : Peter Massey
language : en
Publisher: Adler Publishing
Release Date : 2006-04-24

Download Backcountry Adventures Arizona written by Peter Massey and has been published by Adler Publishing this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2006-04-24 with Travel categories.

Beautifully crafted, high quality, sewn, 4 color guidebook. Part of a multiple book series of books on travel through America's beautiful and historic backcountry. Directions and maps to 2,671 miles of the state's most remote and scenic back roads ? from the lowlands of the Yuma Desert to the high plains of the Kaibab Plateau. Trail history is colorized through the accounts of Indian warriors like Cochise and Geronimo; trail blazers; and the famous lawman Wyatt Earp. Includes wildlife information and photographs to help readers identify the great variety of native birds, plants, and animal they are likely to see. Contains 157 trails, 576 pages, and 524 photos (both color and historic).

Marquis E Turner S Civil Patrol Sting Of The Scorpion

Author : Marquis Turner
language : en
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Release Date : 2011-02-28

Download Marquis E Turner S Civil Patrol Sting Of The Scorpion written by Marquis Turner and has been published by Xlibris Corporation this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2011-02-28 with Fiction categories.

In the summer of 2005, North Korea is locked in a civil war against former allies turned rogue, who are dead set on taking over and becoming a world power. With the terrorist in control of key strategic sectors in the eastern coast of North Korea, it seems that the world and all of Asia is on edge. With Americas resources stretched thin with the war in the Middle East, a new division of the Civil Air Patrol is formed to protect the militarys foreign interest from both foreign and domestic threats. This division is called the Civil Patrol Squadron. Comprised of elements from Air Force, Navy, Marine, and Coast Guard, The Civil Patrol Squadron patrols the military bases in Japan to defend against any attacks from this new North Korean group who call themselves the Scorpions Tail. With the Scorpion military causing chaos in Japan, only three teenage military brats turned pilots and a few Gulf War veterans are the last line of defense between victory over the Scorpions, or total evacuation of the U.S military in Asia, shifting the balance of power as we know it forever. Theres only one way to find out what happens in this amazing tale of courage, glory, loyalty, honor and over all friendship.