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1. The Theme from Fannypack Lyrics

The Theme from Fannypack Lyrics

And you never heard it like this before You're gauranteed to come back for more Here we go yo Live and direct The prettiest girls Who cash the most checks Straight to the bank in cars Never walking L

2. camel toe Lyrics

camel toe Lyrics

fannypack camel toe Cameltoe Walking down the street Something caught my eye A growing epidemic That really ain’t fly This middle aged lady I gotta be blunt Her spandex biker shorts Were

3. Baby Lyrics

Baby Lyrics

Thank god for my baby I dont wanna say names OK thanks Tyrone Mike Peter and James In a boat on the Thames or the river Euphrates In my car FDR in my new Mercedes Ladies listen to me cause I know okay

4. Yo! Lyrics

Yo! Lyrics

Ever since I was an embryo I knew a record label would send me yo All around the world in a jet yo But I dont wanna ever forget yo Back when I didnt have dough yo The money used to come so slow yo I w

5. Boom Boom Lyrics

Boom Boom Lyrics

Booty up Booty down Work that booty all around Put it in Pull it out Show me what you're all about Handle this Handle that Partying is where its at Handle that Handle this We make hits and never miss

6. System Boomin' Lyrics

System Boomin' Lyrics

Buggin' out todays agenda Jessibel Cat and me, Belinda Doin' our thang like we do it best Always the more but nevertheless Parties we get them started So special but not retarded Dig the groove I'll

7. So Stylistic Lyrics

So Stylistic Lyrics

When the sun goes down and the freaks come out Thats when we arrive to make you scream and shout The stage is a castle and we are the queens There's a line outside so you know what that means People

8. Keep On Lyrics

Keep On Lyrics

Brooklyn Brooklyn had to say it twice Shoot the gift like a pair of dice Nice on the microphone device Only eat the black beans with the white rice Sometimes I rhyme slow sometimes I rhyme quick But y

9. Nu Nu (Yeah Yeah) [Double J & Haze Remix] Lyrics

Nu Nu (Yeah Yeah) [Double J & Haze Remix] Lyrics

Yeah yeah , yeah yeah Push up to you ready to do you Then play it off like I thought I knew you Whats up boy whats yo, name Whats yo, sign whats the time I'm gonna go and get this freak Peeka boo, c