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2. Guy J - Nirvana

Guy J - Nirvana

With Guy J’s eagerly anticipated third artist album drawing ever closer on John Digweed’s Bedrock Records, the first offering is delivered in the form of three intricately crafted productions titled ‘Nirvana’. Forever drawing influence from contrasting styles, genres and concepts, Guy J has become synonymous with creating innovative and out of the box productions such as ‘1000 Words’ which received an array of solid reviews from leading publications within the music industry. Adhering to exactly that fashion, Nirvana embraces his eclectic and much envied ability of being able to produce a varying catalogue of tracks of the highest stature. Traversing through fluttering synth arrangements and atmospheric basslines, the opening production ‘8 Minute Flight’ is the superb beginning for what is set to be another profound chapter in the story of Guy J. A pivotal element of John Digweed’s Bedrock imprint, his forthcoming album is a showcase of all his favored diverse sounds compiled into a two CD’s of the highest caliber. Never being content with constructing a linear style of productions, ‘Nirvana’s’ euphoric sounding riffs and elegantly composed percussion display Guy J’s versatility as an electronic artist, where as ‘Provokoter’s’ distorted rhythmic composition creates a darkened tone for all those listening. Carrying a wealth of experience on his shoulders, coupled with being supported by the underground music’s most profound names, ‘Nirvana’ is a sublime insight to the forthcoming album. Intricately weaving through each track creating an astonishing listening experience like no other, this EP will once again ignite excitement in the global music community that Guy J’s most ground breaking project to date is nearly upon us. The 2xCD and Limited 12" Vinyl Sampler are both available to pre-order now from the Bedrock store

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3. Guy J - John Digweed's Transitions Guest mix 18.01.13

  • Published: 2013-01-21T11:23:29Z
  • By Guy J
Guy J - John Digweed's Transitions Guest mix 18.01.13

01. Intro 02. Guy J - 2000 Eleven [Unsigned] 03. Lanoiraude - Waitin (Charles Webster Mix) [Missive 11] 04. Guy Gerber - The Money Shot /dactilar [Day One] 05. Guy Gerber - Steady (Guy J Mix) [Supplement Facts] 06. Bp - Inpirado Por Usted (Guy J Mix) [Lost & Found] 07. Stelios Vassiloudis - I Burn Like (Guy J Mix) [Bedrock Records] 08. Guy J - Combo [Unsigned] 09. Guy J & Sahar Z - 7:11 [Bedrock Records] 10. Guy Mantzur - I'm Your Country (Guy J Mix)[Unsigned] 11. Guy J - Break Me Young [Unsigned]

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4. The Guy Remix feat. Kool John, Compton Menace & J. Stalin (Prod. Mic Watts)

  • Published: 2015-09-22T17:07:35Z
  • By IsthatCJ
The Guy Remix feat. Kool John, Compton Menace & J. Stalin (Prod. Mic Watts)

"The Guy Remix" (Prod. Mic Watts) HBK CJ feat. Kool John, Compton Menace & J. Stalin HBK CJ @hbkcj Instagram & Twitter: hbkcj Kool John @k00lj0hn Instagram & Twitter: k00lj0hn Compton Menace Instagram: compton.menace Twitter: ComptonMenace J. Stalin @jstalinlivewire Instagram & Twitter: jstalinlivewire Mic Watts @micwattsmusic Instagram & Twitter: micwattsmusic

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5. Guy Mantzur Guest Mix For John Digweed's Transitions 13-12-13

Guy Mantzur Guest  Mix For John Digweed's Transitions 13-12-13

Here is the track list for this mix Thanks to all of this amazing artists ;)) 1)Fran Von Vie & Cio May- High Monsters (Uner Remix)- Sudbeat 2)Rob Hes & Steve Slight - Focusing (Gabriel Ananda Remix) - Selador 3)BP-Aguila 4)Fujiya & Miyagi - Ankle Injuries (Sahar Z & Khen remix) 5) Guy J - Combo 6)Guy Mantzur & Guy J - All In - Sudbeat 7)Guy Mantzur & Sahar z - Moon Launch -Sudbeat 8)Guy Mantzur - This Is Mayhem -Sudbeat 9)Sagi Berger - Die Prinzessin Der Dunkelheit (Erdi Irmak Remix) -Asymmetric Recordings

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6. BEDDIGI79 Nick Warren & Guy Mantzur - Sad Robot - D - Nox & Beckers Remix Preview

BEDDIGI79 Nick Warren & Guy Mantzur - Sad Robot - D - Nox & Beckers Remix Preview

The original “Sad Robot” collaboration between Nick Warren and Guy Mantzur was heaped with acclaim when it first appeared on John Digweed’s Bedrock label a year ago. This sparkling gem of a track pushed all the right buttons with a euphoric attitude that only comes from years of experience of rocking the best dancefloors around the world week in week out, and now the label is set to take the story to the next level with 3 diverse, exciting new remixes. The enigmatic Rich Lane from Newcastle Under Lyme (who also records under aliases such as Original Disco Thing and Chug Norris) has been gaining plaudits for his musical creations that loosely fall into the realms of what are variously tagged “Slo-Mo”, “Chug”, “Nu-Disco” and even “NEW New Beat”. By channelling the sounds and feel of classic House, Techno, New Beat etc. and mellowing the groove towards a slower mid-tempo ride, whilst adding a sprinkling Post Punk, Funk and Synth Pop, Rich Lane is a masterful producer who draws together so many disparate elements that seem to unite a particular type of music lover. Here, through his love of classic analogue sounds, he has created a truly original take on “Sad Robot”. German duo, Christian "D-Nox" Wedekind and Frank Beckers, have become firm favourites worldwide over the past 10 years with a perfect fusion of studio expertise and an impeccable dancefloor touch Their creative chemistry has become an unfailing source of massive grooves and their exceptional remix of “Sad Robot” sees them firmly at the forefront of the current phase of musical evolution, drawing from the best elements of a variety of musical genres, to create a mesmerizing new future. Hailing from the current hotbed of exciting musical evolution, Argentina’s Alejo Gonzalez (renowned for his show on Radio 90.3FM Delta) has joined forces with fellow DJ and producer Max Blade to create a beautifully melancholic interpretation of “Sad Robot”, a perfect, understated finale for this remix package. The undoubted talent of this young duo marks them out as being ones to watch for the future, for sure.

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7. John Jones "Lets Chill "2014 Teddy Riley , GUY Tribute!

John Jones

The past mixed with elements of today's sound. But, definitely a vintage R&B vibe! If you're under 27yrs of age, this one might not be for you!

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8. PINK LIFE- Pink Guy


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9. Guy J - The Trees, The Sea & The Sun Album Preview

Guy J - The Trees, The Sea & The Sun Album Preview

Immersed in the world’s rich dance music culture from an early age, producer Guy J has become an intrinsic part of a forward thinking generation of electronic artists. The last decade has seen Guy J climb underground music’s illustrious ladder, enthralling the minds of music lovers across the globe with his eclectic perception of how electronic music should be constructed. With a clear vision and much-envied trait of being able to create a contrasting variety of genres, along with gracing the globes renowned clubs and festival, Guy J now proudly announces his forthcoming album on John Digweed’s Bedrock records, titled The Trees, The Sea & The Sun. An artist that carries a wealth of experience within music, Guy J first caught the attention of music heavy weights with his 2007 release ‘Save Me’, making the dance music community rightfully stand up and take notice of the young producers fresh new sound. With international support from John Digweed, who has pioneered his various projects, The Trees, The Sea & The Sun is the culmination of all the esteemed sounds that Guy J holds so dearly to himself, merged into a listening experience like no other. An intrinsic component of John Digweed’s Bedrock family, Guy J’s previous two LP’s ‘Esperanza’ and ‘1000 Words’ received an array of solid reviews from leading publications within the music industry. Atmospheric melodies were married with minimal techno percussion in a never before heard fusion of left field sounds. Returning to Bedrock with his third LP, The Trees, The Sea & The Sun elevates the trademark sound that has made him the revered artist that stands before us today. Drawing inspiration from a vast collection of influences, this release perfectly embraces and incorporates Guy’s mesmeric production style weaving through wonderfully programmed drum rhythms in ‘Equinox’ and ‘Live Another Day’s’ flurrying synth arrangements. Demonstrating his versatility as not only a producer, but as an electronic artist, the likes of ‘Mad Sine’ and ‘Paradox’ showcase the ability to create intricately crafted experimental productions. A devoted producer, Guy J has never neglected the importance of performing at venues across the world; a regular at the likes of Space Ibiza and Verboten New York, club goers have become enchanted by his signature and never before experience blend of house and techno. Never straying too far away from this element of his career, ‘Opera’ and ‘Nirvana’ are two tracks that are certain to sound out through speakers of clubs and festival across the globe. A vast melting pot of sonic exploration showcasing the extensive creative talent of Guy J compiled into two CD’s of the highest caliber; The Trees, The Sea & The Sun reiterates Guy J’s status as one of dance music’s most inspired, driven and talented artists. Guy J – “The Trees, The Sea & The Sun” CD 1: 1. Argeman 2. Bungalow 3. Sleep In My Arms 4. 8 Minute Flight 5. Fools Don’t Last 6. Opera 7. Equinox 8. Live Another Day 9. Provokoter 10. Nirvana 11. Fly (Dub) Ft. Miriam 12. Last Of Us CD 110: 1. The Love & Fear 2. Welcome Reality 3. Sunset In Miamai 4. Social Butterly 5. Miss You Miles 6. Mad Sine 7. When We Met 8. Paradox 9. My Dizzy 10. Forever & Ever

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10. John 00 Fleming - Global Trance Grooves 137 (With Guy J)

John 00 Fleming - Global Trance Grooves 137 (With Guy J)

Global Trance Grooves Aug 14 Tracklist below ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next tour dates (Inc JOOF Editions): August 15th - JOOF Editions (8-Hour set), Ozmozis @ Tokia, Toronto (Canada) August 22nd - Limelight, Houston (USA) August 29th - The Gallery @ Ministry of Sound, London (UK) JOOF Editions Australian winter tour: September 12th - RMH, Melbourne (8-Hour set) September 13th - Chinese Laundry, Sydney (5-Hour set) September 14th - Capulet, Brisbane (4-Hour set) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --Deep mix— Martin Merkel feat Melefitz ‘Voyager' Kintar ‘The path' John 00 Fleming ‘Ashoka’ (Part 1) Airwave & DJ Fire ‘Without roots' --New Mp3-- Gai Barone ‘Metal jaws' --Turbo mix— Rick Pier O’Niel ‘Loud and proud' Balthazar, Jackrock, Haken Ludvigson ‘Meinungen Muessen frien sein’ (Angy Kore remix) Simon Templar ‘To the stars' Lyctum and Nerso ‘Star gazing' --Track of the month-- Liquid Soul & DJ Dream ‘Liquid Dream' --Guest mix:-- Guy J

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