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1. Rick and Morty Rap "Who Dat Boy" by Tyler, The Creator

Rick and Morty Rap

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2. Donald Trump Performs "Fake Walls" (Fake Love Parody)

Donald Trump Performs

Donald Trump gives it his all to try and cover Drake's hit track Fake Love.

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3. Donald Trump Responds To Eminem Freestyle *DISS TRACK*

Donald Trump Responds To Eminem Freestyle *DISS TRACK*

Check out the full video here: LYRICS I'mma deport you Then build the wall to stop your whiney ass You're acting like the pussy I grabbed My combover flows better than your raps, uh You're calling me racist, but really I'm orange Your feestyle sucks man that shit had me snoring I hate immigrants? The why's my wife foreign? My flows are too raw, shout out to Gordon Panties in bunch about the NFL Cause your boy Kaepernick took a real big L Just so you know NFL agreed to side with me So you can suck my dick, fell free to take the knee Trick or treat, give me something sweet I'll have an M&M Like that has been rapper Who's forgotten like an old candy wrapper While I got Lil' Pump to make this tune you're jumping around in a parking lot like a baboon I lower USA crimes while you're paying a tax fraud fine the IRS said was mine Yes I built a wall and yes you can climb it But once you go over You're getting declined re entry Into this beautiful country Where you cleaned your closets and made all your money Oh you made 8 mile? Well isn't that cute Try running a tv show while Stopping Fake News After all this is said and done You treat me like I'm as bad as Kim Jong (UN) I've dodged the draft 6 times and paid no taxes I've got small hands I'm a small man I've got no fans but I'm still more relevant than recovery was You were cool for kids when they believed in santa claus, you've got no cause Really you've made a mistake calling out on me Because having me as an ally is what you really need NATO needs me to sign some orders So now I'm going to do something of importance When I leave on this track there will be a mess But Eminem is supposedly the best But when a man with orange hair doesn't care You sit there and think how can he get elected Oh it's not fair I'll tell you what's not fair Marshall that tiny little line of hair running from your ear to your jawline like you think your grown up now but you still make little rhymes about times that you don't agree with, pussy

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4. Rick And Morty Rap OKRA By Tyler, The Creator

Rick And Morty Rap OKRA By Tyler, The Creator

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5. Dance Pizza

  • Published: 2013-12-24T15:25:03Z
  • By Centro(:
Dance Pizza


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